A portrait session with me will remind you just how interesting you really are. Get your hair and make-up done, choose a few outfits, and let me pose and light you, to look your best. Sessions typically take 1-2 hours and can be done in the convenience of your home or at a studio.

Make it an event out of it, bring a girlfriend and a bottle of wine! We're happy to shoot her as well. Also, don't forget to make a reservation for an evening out, because you both will be looking fantastic!

Andy Malhan Photography portrait
Andy Malhan Photography portrait
Andy Malhan Photography portrait
Andy Malhan Photography portrait
Andy Malhan Photography portrait
Andy Malhan Photography portrait
Andy Malhan Photography portrait
Andy Malhan Photography portrait
Andy Malhan Photography portrait
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Portraits FAQ

What is web-res and full-res? What exactly do I get when I 'buy an image'?

Web-res, or web resolution, is an image that is optimised for use on the internet. We define that as 1024 pixels on the long side.

Full-res, or full resolution, is the image at its highest resolution, after editing. We define this, as, at least 5000 pixels on the long side.

When you buy an image, you will receive the image as a digital file in full resolution, downloadable from your own, password-protected online gallery.

Finally, once you have bought an image, you can purchase prints with or without frames, at sizes up to 30" x 40".

They look incredible! Framed prints of my portraits are the focal point of many of my clients' homes and bedrooms.

Please explain how the packages work.

Buying a package gives you a discounted price for a bundle of services and products.

For example, consider the Bronze package, which 5 images, an online gallery and a phone app. If you look at the Standard Rate List, that adds up to €550 (5 images at €100 each + gallery and app fees of €50).

So you are getting a €550 value for €400.

Now, let's say after reviewing the images, you realise that there are two more images you want, so you want seven images, not five. Without a package, you'd have to pay €200 (€100 each) for those two additional images. But because you purchased a Bronze package, you get them at €80 each, so you would pay only €160 extra. The deals get better, with each level of package!

If you find you want five or more images over the number of images in your package, it makes more sense to upgrade to the next package.

What is Andy's Amazing Risk Free Guarantee?

I know you will be delighted with your images. If (and in 15 years, this has never happened), you don't like any of your photographs, you pay nothing. No questions asked. I'll upload your gallery anyway, so you can share the images with your friends and family. If you change your mind later, and want to buy some images, you can do that directly from your gallery. It'll be online for a year.

How do I get my images, what is the online gallery?

I use the internet to deliver images to my clients. Once the shoot is over, and you have paid for your photos, I will upload all the images (including the ones you did not buy), to a password-protected online gallery. The images you bought will be downloadable at full resolution through use of a PIN. The entire gallery will be downloadable at web resolution.

The galleries support online shopping, so if you'd like to buy high quality prints (framed or unframed), in sizes up to 30" x 40", you can do it online.

Thereafter, I can leave the passwords in place, or remove them, if you prefer. I can also turn on commenting and/or social media sharing. Please let me know your choices.

The website will stay online for one year from the date of uploading final images. A month prior to expiry, you will receive an automated email, reminding you of the expiry date. You have the choice of allowing the gallery to go offline, or paying €50 for another year.

Please note that once the gallery is off-line, I have no way to recover it.

Who owns the copyright to the images?

The creator of a work owns the copyright, so from the moment I press the shutter button, I own the copyright to every photograph I take.

When engaged to take photos, I grant my client an exclusive, non-transferrable, perpetual and non-commercial license to use the image(s). Exclusive means I will not grant usage rights to anyone else; non-transferable means the client cannot pass that license to anyone else; perpetual means the client can use the image(s) forever, and non-commercial means they can use the image to promote their selves, product or service, but cannot actually sell the image or license it to a third party. At the same time, I retain those rights myself: so I have the rights to use the image(s) for self promotion, and I cannot sell the images to anyone else.