Henri Cartier-Bresson, who is credited with creating the genre of street photography, saw photography as capturing a decisive moment.⠀His approach was to find a frame he liked, set himself up, and then wait for the photographer to assemble itself – the right play of light, the actors, a bicycle or a car, or, famously for Bresson, a man jumping over a puddle.

So last Sunday, I wandered the streets of Mongkok, found spots where I found the light or frame of view interesting, and waited. It was lovely, and so different from what I normally do. I was just sitting around, watching the world go by, and waiting for the moment. It did not disappoint. From the juxtaposition of an old lady using a walker and a store named 'Kids', to an interesting contrast of background colour and subject's clothing, from a drunk guy staggering down the street to a girl waiting for her date, the world went about it's business while I observed.

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