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I am a portrait, communications and event photographer, as well as a graphic and communications designer, based out of Hong Kong. I help my clients identify and differentiate themselves through photography and visual communications. I like to stir together conventions of art, culture, business and love, to create thought-provoking visual stories.

I grew up in Zambia, Guyana and India, attended international schools for most of my schooling and went to college in the US. The exposure to multiple cultures as a child and young adult are integral to my character, and given my career choices, allow me to practice my craft with the perspective of both an insider and an outsider.

I am partial to peaty, single-malt whiskys and dark beer; am fascinated by dragons; and movies or books with castles, knights, werewolves and vampires keep me riveted!

"Eventually, it's all luck."

—Kabeer Lal