Our kids, they grow up so quickly! It seems like two months ago, we were holding them steady and teaching them to walk; last month, they were holding the bottle all by themselves; two weeks ago, they were taking the first timid steps into school; last week the first boyfriend; three days ago graduated high school; and tomorrow they are off college. Time flies.

Research says that by the time a child turns 18, they have already spent 90% of the time that they will spend with their parents. Life is impermanent, precious and fleeting. Preserve today's memories, now.


Prices are in Indian Rupees. For Hong Kong Dollars, please divide by 10.

Rs.30,000 for a family of 4.

(Pets are free!)

Individual portraits, mom and dad together, kids together, kids with each parent, kids and parents together.

15% off printing costs.

Full resolution images, online gallery for 1 year, phone app for 1 year.