Frequently asked questions...

From rates to contracts and from barters to working for free, I've tried to answer your questions here, so we don't waste one another's time when we actually speak. If there's a question that I haven't answered below, please get in touch by SMS / WhatsApp / email.

I really don't like getting my picture taken. I don't look good in photos. I'm not photogenic.

I know that being in front of the camera can feel uncomfortable. But don't worry. My job is to make you feel relaxed, and I'm good at what I do! I will direct and coach you through the process, and your images will turn out great!

Do you work for free?​ Can we do a barter?

Simple answer: No.
Complicated answer: Unlikely, but it depends.

Every year, I take on a few pro-bono projects. If you need imagery for a cause you think I may be inclined to support, talk to me. We may be able to work something out. I don't necessarily measure my time in dollars and cents.

If the terms of the barter are clearly defined and if the perceived value to me is proportionate to the value of my work, I'm certainly willing to discuss it, but usually, I need money. ☺︎

Can you travel?

Yes, I regularly travel, domestically and internationally, on assignment.

Will there be a second shooter?

In the case of an event, or a shoot that involves travel, yes, usually. It depends on what is needed.

What are your deliverables? Are albums and prints included in your price? Will you give me the native RAW files?

I deliver digital image files, through my delivery portal and/or on a flash drive. Basic post-production would have been done (for the technically aware, crops, color correction, levels etc) and each image we deliver will be of publishable quality.

Note that this does not include in-depth digital manipulation in Photoshop. If detailed, pixel-level post-production in Photoshop is required, we will bill extra for this (or adjust our fee, accordingly).

I will provide soft copies in any mainstream image format that you prefer (usually jpg or tiff). I do not provide RAW image data files unless the terms for this have been decided in advance.

Albums / prints are not included, unless provided for in your package, or discussed in advance.

I want to work with you, how do we move forward?

I need a 50% booking fee to be paid in advance. Booking advances are non-refundable unless I'm able to rebook your dates with another party. The remaining dues are payable on delivery of soft copies.

Is there any paperwork? Do we need to sign a contract?

There is always some documentation – it may be a few bullet points describing the workflow, costs, and deliverables, or it may be a legally binding document describing everything in detail. The important thing is to ensure we all have the same expectations and are on the same page.

Unless there are complicated legal issues involved, for most shoots, I'm happy to just get a work order and advance, and shake hands while agreeing to be fair to one another.

Sometimes there are those issues though, and it is important to be clear on roles, responsibilities and possible risks and liabilities. In such cases it's important to work on the basis of a written contract. Or you may just be more comfortable or accustomed to having the paperwork in place, and that's fine too.

What about issues like copyright and terms of use?

This can be a fairly complicated area. The creator of a work owns the copyright, so from the moment I press the shutter button, I own the copyright to every photograph I take.

For most shoots, I grant my client an exclusive, non-transferrable, perpetual and non-commercial license to use the image(s). Exclusive means I will not grant usage rights to anyone else; non-transferable means the client cannot pass that license to anyone else; perpetual means the client can use the image(s) forever, and non-commercial means they can use the image to promote their product or service, but cannot actually sell the image or license it to a third party. At the same time, I retain those rights myself: so I have the rights to use the image(s) for self promotion, and I cannot sell the images to anyone else.

For other shoots, the terms may be different. In any case, they will be discussed and agreed to in advance.

What if the images aren't as I expected?

This very rarely happens, but in the last 20 years, it has come up a couple of times. Clients commission me for photography because they are familiar with my portfolio and ask for my services with knowledge of my photographic style. Photographers are unique, artistic and continuously evolving. Clients that hire me, need to be aware that the photos I take may be different from photos I've taken in the past, and that in creating the images, I am using my personal artistic judgement to create images consistent with my personal view of the event or subject, which may be different from my clients' view. As such, my clients hire me on the acknowledgement that the imagery will not be subject to rejection on the basis of taste or aesthetic criteria.

What kind of equipment do you use?

I shoot on Canon full-frame cameras and use Canon L series lenses or equivalent. Lights range from Canon and Yongnou speedlites to Elinchrom strobes. We use a multitude of modifiers, and accessories depending on what is needed.

My secondary shooters are almost always full-frame shooters too, though they may use cameras from other companies.