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I wish my eyes could take photographs

The world is a beautiful place. We are all interesting, unique, and despite our differences in belief, life-choices and skin colour, we are heart-warmingly similar. There is beauty everywhere, and in everyone. 

I see this beauty, this similarity and uniqueness, in everyone I meet, and everywhere I go. Unfortunately, people often don’t see it themselves, perhaps they are too close, or too involved, to see themselves as the world sees them. We all have a tendency to be our own worst critics.

When I was younger, I would often find myself thinking “I wish I could show you, I wish my eyes could take photographs.”

I can’t draw, I can’t paint. But I can make beautiful photographs, and I can show you yourself, and the world, as I see it.



Bombay Bistro

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"Thank you, Andy, for the amazing photographs! We now have a high-quality image bank to work with, for our annual marketing and promotional endeavors. I'm particularly cognizant of the fact that you took time to understand what we're trying to do with Indian-inspired cuisine and ambience, before taking a single photograph. You got to know us first, so were shooting from a position of understanding and context. This has clearly come forward in your work!"

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"Eventually, it's all luck."

—Kabeer Lal